Subscription Sign-Up Info

Thanks for wanting to be part of the Sho'Nuff Comics family!!
Benefits of joining include a Discount of 10% on all NEW COMICS,
and any Merchandise Pre-Ordered through the Previews
Catalog available in the store each month. Below are the requirements for
joining the Sho'Nuff Comics Subscription Service.
Please read all items thoroughly, then fill out, sign, and bring in the printed form.


1. Before we start the the subscription, we ask that you setup a Square Customer Account with a valid Credit Card. The credit card WILL NOT be charged anything, but if you haven’t picked up your subscription in 30 days (without notification) your card will be charged for the amount of the comics in your pull box. At such time your subscription will be put on hold and you can pick up your books that we have charged, or we can ship them to you. Your credit card information will be kept on file with the Square service and the information will not be physically stored at Sho’Nuff Comics. We also ask that if you have a change in credit card information (ie new card), that you update your information with us.

2. If you do not have a valid Credit Card, or wish not to provide one, then you can still sign up. There will be a $20.00 deposit and you are limited to signing up for 5 Comic Titles. You will still receive your discount on all new books that you get off the shelf and TPB’s, but you will be limited to 5 titles in your subscription. The deposit will be refundable at the time you cancel your subscription, less any comics that you have stored in your box.

3. You are also welcome to add, or drop, titles from your list at anytime; just let the person at the store know. If at any time, you wish to cancel your subscription; please come by the store and let us know. We also ask that you purchase any books that we currently still have on hold for you in your subscription box.

4. We require that you pick up everything in your pull box at least once every 30 days. If we have not seen you, or you haven’t given us notice that you will be out of town for an extended period of time, we will attempt to contact you with the provided information. If we cannot reach you at the provided phone number, or email address, your pull list will be suspended if we have had no contact with you. If we haven’t been able to contact you after the 30 day period, your credit card on file with the Square Account will be charged for the amount of comics in your subscription box. (see #1) If you have provided a $20 Deposit instead of a Credit Card on file, then upon suspention of the subscription the deposit will be NON-refundable.